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With a CBD content of 15.29 and tasting notes of sour citrus and tropical fruit, this is a great relaxing strain for anytime, day or night. Just like it’s namesake, Hawaiian Haze hemp flower has a reputation for washing away life’s little stressors and leaving a calm relaxation in its wake.


Hawaiian Haze CBD Flower For Sale

Hawaiian Haze CBD Flower, When you’re looking for a splash of warm sunshine any time of the day or night, you can’t go wrong with this stellar addition to our CBD hemp flower line up. With almost 20% of CBD content, Hawaiian Haze flowers is one of the main strains that have such high levels of the cannabinoid. It is everybody’s favorite due to its magical combination of terpenes and chemical compounds that offers you a dreamy blend of tastes and aromas. Hawaiian haze is an Indica-dominant Haze/ERB hybrid that provides a trippy, mellow buzz without the freak-out.

Just like it’s namesake, Hawaiian Haze hemp flower has a reputation for washing away life’s little stressors and leaving a calm relaxation in its wake. An excellent premium smokable hemp bud or perfect for your next home extraction, add Hawaiian Haze to your list of favorite hemp flowers!

Waves of warm citrus, sour diesel, and tropical fruit simply roll through this hemp flower. High levels of CBD as well as a solid balance of Myrcene, b-Caryophyllene, a-Bisabolol and trace Borneol, make Hawaiian Haze a great bedtime strain and a top choice for when the body needs a little TLC.

CBD Hemp Buds – Hawaiian Haze CBD Flower

With less than 0.3% of THC and a massive content of CBD, 19%, Hawaiian Haze is a coastal favorite thanks to its diverse terpene/cannabinoid profile. It contains alpha-pinene, which not only adds the aroma of pine trees, but also provides relief from anxiety and chronic pain; b-Caryophyllene and Guaiol, responsible for anti-inflammatory effects; and Myrcene, which offers essential terpene synergy, aiding the absorption of Hawaiian Haze into the blood-brain barrier.

Hawaiian Haze flowers have a reputation for being the best washers away from daily life’s stressors and it is best known for their calm and relaxing sensation that lingers in your body hours after you smoke it. Our company offers you an excellent premium smokable hemp bud grown organically, free of herbicides, fungicides, and chemical fertilizers. We put special care and attention in every step, from when the seeds are planted until the product is delivered in your hands; we can assure you of the care of the flower in the entire process. You will be purchasing a high-quality product, where each batch of fluffy and oversized flowers is dense with vine-like clusters of vibrant, misty red hairs and fine crystallization. On top of everything, besides smoking, you can use the flowers to make CBD-rich products, such as raw CBD oil, CBD topicals, tinctures, CBD bakery goods.

Quality Assured

All of our premium grade CBD hemp flower is 3rd party tested in a state approved facility to ensure the legal nature of our hemp products. Copies of batch-specific lab reports are mailed with each order.  Hawaiian Haze CBD Flower.

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