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Wholesale Cannabigerol isolate powder with 95%+ CBG purity. Extracted from organic Colorado-grown hemp. Free of pesticides and residual solvents. 1000mg CBG/g, C02-extracted, THC Free, American hemp & Lab-tested.

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CBG Isolate Powder (Cannabigerol) For Sale Online

CBG Isolate Powder, CBG or cannabigerol is one of the active cannabinoids in the cannabis family of plants. CBG has been of great interest to researchers. This is because, apart from being non-psychoactive, the compound has shown great potential, and experts believe that isolation and studying of this compound could help farmers get the best results out of their hemp plants. Our CBG isolate powder is extracted from industrial hemp organically grown in our facilities. We use the CO2 extraction method to obtain the crystals which are then refined to isolate Cannabigerol or CBG. The CO2 extraction method ensures that there are no traces of THC left.

What Is CBG Isolate?

When CBG is isolated from the rest of the phytonutrients in the hemp plant, the end result is CBG isolate. Because the molecule gets broken down into a pure powder, the appearance of it looks a bit like crystals. If you hear the phrase ‘CBG crystals’ know that it’s the same thing as saying CBG isolate. our CBG isolate powder contains less than the allowable 0.3% THC, in fact our CBG isolate is completely Non-Detect on THC and tests 0.00% THC.

This means that the product won’t get you high. The compound exists in abundance in industrial hemp as opposed to THC-rich cannabis which contains smaller concentrations of CBG. Our CBG isolate powder is more than 99% pure. This makes it one of the purest forms of CBG available on the market today. Although the product is almost exclusively made up of CBG, it also contains traces of terpenes and other cannabinoids.

Why is CBG  Described as the Stem Cell Cannabinoid

Without CBGA, even the most iconic cannabinoids such as CBDA and THCA would never have existed. CBG is described as the stem cell cannabinoid since it is the precursor to THC, CBC, CBD, and other minor cannabinoids. CBGA is the building block for the formation of CBDa, THCa, CBCa and, of course, CBG. Something interesting to note here: all the above compounds end with an A except for CBG. Wondering why? This is because these compounds are the acidic variations of the cannabinoids. It is only through oxidation, decarboxylation, or use of heat that the cannabinoids become activated.

Extraction Process of CBG

Our CBG isolate powder starts from our Industrial Hemp-Based biomass from our fertile, pesticide-free farm. We time our harvesting for maximum CBG potency. From the farm, our hemp biomass is taken to well-equipped and certified labs where we extract CBG oil using the CO2 process. At this stage, we have crude CBG oil, which has to undergo further processes for the separation of CBG molecules from other oil components and plant waxes. A special certified kosher solvent is used during this process. Special lab equipment is used to completely vaporize away the solvent. This ensures that what you have left is 100% pure CBG.

How to Use CBG Isolate?

This is one of our favorite questions to answer because there are SO many ways to use CBG isolate powder. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Put some on top of your ground-up hemp flower and roll it into a joint
  • Use on a dab rig or vape with it
  • Throw some into a jar of your favorite seed oil
  • Mix some into a lotion or face cream
  • Stir some into your brownie mix recipe
  • Place a little bit under your tongue
  • Add some to a homemade CBG syrup recipe
How to Identify A Good Quality CBG Isolate?

Quality and safety are the two most important features to verify in a hemp-derived product, especially because they’re sold in an unregulated market. While looking at different CBG products, check to see where the hemp was grown. Given the tight regulations and license requirements for hemp farmers in the United States, the quality of hemp is really good there. Also, the standards are pretty high for hemp farmers in the Scandinavian countries of Northern Europe as well. If the source of hemp comes from either of these regions, you’re off to a great start.

Next, see if the company sends its hemp extracts or final products to an independent third-party lab for testing. Many companies have cannabinoid levels tested, but that’s it. The best CBD companies take the extra time and money to get a complete panel of tests done. These tests include analyses on cannabinoids, pesticides, microbials, mycotoxins, heavy metals, residual solvents, and foreign matter. We don’t advise buying a product from a brand unless all these tests were performed.

CBG Isolate For Sale

Where’s the best place to find high-quality, lab-tested CBG isolate? You can find CBD isolate for sale online or at your local retailer or dispensary. But, to avoid the hassle of running around town to track down CBG isolate, or browsing the web for hours, check out our catalogue of legal cannabis items. Not only do we sell CBG isolate powder, but CBG flower and CBG oil as well. All our CBG products derive from USA grown hemp and have been rigorously lab tested for potency, purity, and safety. We offer affordable prices and fast shipping. Gotta love that!


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