The best hemp flower strains, Hemp has become a staple and legal natural alternative used for a variety of treatments ranging from chronic pain to anxiety. It also has its place to provide pleasure. However, many newcomers who wish to Buy CBD Hemp flowers wish to have more insight on the healthy aspects of this magnificent plant.

CBD flowers were the original source of cannabidiol whether Indoor-grown hemp vs outdoor-grown hemp. Hemp plants are generally high in CBD. They also contain THC, but not enough to get you high, and usually within the legal limits of below 0.3% THC. While hemp may look exactly like marijuana, you can actually buy hemp strains rich in CBD.

In this article, we will tackle several aspects of this herb and give you all the information you need to know before you Buy CBD Hemp flowers. If you are a distributor, we can also offer you cheap CBD hemp flower for sale online. Our CBD hemp flower wholesale are frequent so keep an eye on our stores.

Best CBD Hemp Flower Strains

Hemp flower is one of the most used plants in medicine. Countries around the world are now researching it because of the countless health benefits it offers. There are several types of Hemp flowers also referred to as strains, these strains had unique THC levels and flavors. There are those that offers a slightly psychoactive affect and there are those who have no side effects. If you try all types of hemp flower strainers, you will experience the true joy of CBD.

Choosing the best hemp flower strains should not be taken slightly, that is why we tried to simplify it for you in the following parts of this article.

AC/DC Strain

AC/DC is a strain that places a high priority on high CBD content. There is a wide range of AC/DC strains, each with varying amounts of CBD but you can quite easily find up to 20% CBD.

What makes the strain the most appealing is its 20: 1 CBD / THC ratio. This ratio means that if you have an ACDC strain with 20% CBD, you will only have 1% THC.

Benefiting from a little more THC, ACDC has become a favorite cannabis strain for chemotherapy patients, as well as those with chronic pain and anxiety. ACDC is also widely used as a way to deal with everyday stress. You can now enjoy the healing benefits of the herb without any side effects.

Charlotte’s Web Strain

Although it was originally bred to treat epilepsy, the high dose of CBD in this strain can potentially be helpful in treating a number of conditions.

Although Charlotte’s Web is frequently used as a treatment for extreme forms of epilepsy (such as Dravet syndrome), its use as a systemic CBD therapy is also extremely well known. This is a great choice if you suffer from any type of ailments that may require an ultra-high dose of CBD and virtually zero THC.

Additionally, with flavors and smells reminiscent of citrus and flowers, Charlotte’s Web is a good option for a lighter, more delicately scented CBD strain, ideal for adults who want the unparalleled benefits of cannabis.

Harlequin Strain

Typically possessing CBD levels of around 10% to 15%, Harlequin strain stands out for its consistency in its 5: 2 ratios. In other words, if there is 15% CBD in the strain, it will have around 6% THC.

This mild ratio of CBD to THC allows it to be used as an excellent medicine during the day, because it has no effects on the user’s brain.

Harlequin CBD is commonly used to help patients quit their addiction, encouraging them to give up their potentially harmful habits for good.

By providing a very smooth high with a healthy dose of CBD, Harlequin allows you to combat negative feelings, thoughts of depression, or maybe even a tendency to relapse.

In addition, thanks to the unique CBD / THC ratio, Harlequin excels at uplifting the mood of the consumer, as well as generally helping them stay calm and relaxed. With an intriguing blend of sweet mangoes and earthy touches, Harlequin is well known as a both delicious and incredibly useful strain of CBD hemp flowers.

Indoor-Grown Hemp Vs Outdoor-Grown Hemp

The combination of nature and technology really fortify the compaction between Indoor-Grown Hemp Vs Outdoor-Grown Hemp by improving their production. Now that the ban has been lifted in many countries, the opportunity to grow CBD flower cultivation outdoors is back on the table.

Indoor cultivation or indoor planting of CBD flowers gives the producer a better control over the plant growth and flowering. Therefore, producers often choose huge hangars to carry out this kind of operation. Indoor-grown CBD flowers are considered premium and CBD Hemps Lab are the best when it comes to quality.

Our engineers make the entire production process controlled including light, temperature, CO2 levels, location, and humidity.

Indoor cultivation produces pretty, good quality and large buds. The flavors are always excellent that is why upscale and premium, indoor-grown CBD is more expensive than that planted outdoor.

In order to produce outdoor hemp, we follow strict measures. We have staff constantly monitoring the process and intervening whenever necessary to produce the best CBD hemp flower strains.

With an objective in mind, we always take into account:

  • Choosing the right strain of the plantation as well as the location as it is the most important step in achieving a quality product.
  • Growing CBD flowers outdoors requires the ideal soil, water and climate to produce optimal results.
  • Different strains work best in different climates. Sativa can thrive in warmer, humid climates, while an Indica plant can protect itself in cooler climates.
  • Cannabis plants grown outdoors benefit from the sun and natural nutrients in the soil, resulting in higher yields than those grown indoors.

Unlike protected indoor crops, elements such as snow, frost, rain, hail and gusts of wind will cause damage to outdoor hemp plantations. Animals and critters roaming the fields will also cause problems. Because of this, the final product may look a bit worse compared to its indoor counterpart.

However, we have dozens of labs controlling the quality of our hemp and its products. You can check all certifications here. So, have you decided on a winner in the battle of Indoor-grown hemp vs outdoor-grown hemp?

Who Are We?

Now, hemp production worldwide is categorized into two types; indoors and outdoors. Each of these lines of productions makes easier for people to buy CBD Hemp flowers everywhere. As one of the world’s leading providers, CBD Hemps Lab provides cheap CBD hemp flower for sale online. We have a wide array of CBD Oils and CBD flowers for sale.

Although it’s quite hard to grow hemp indoor without sunlight may seem like a disadvantage, our engineers have advanced technology that kept our products desired by any. We produce more than 1000 kg each month and distribute it to Asia, Europe, UK, USA and South America. We make sure to respect all legal aspects of production and distribution in order to make it easier for companies and retailers to benefit from our cheap CBD hemp flower for sale online.

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